Graphic Design

Custom graphics can help you stand out in the crowd and develop a strong brand. A custom logo can help your customers associate an image with your product or service and lead to more sales.

In an instant, your customers will recognize your logo and think about the goods or services you provide. Keep your customers thinking about you with a logo that reflects the personality of your company. Metaphors in logo design create a connection between your company and familiar objects or feelings, making you easily recognizable and associated with something familiar.

Custom Scripting

The internet can do more than it could in the past. Harness the power of the internet with custom scripting solutions. Whether you want to dazzle your visitors with animations or reduce your overhead by providing an online store or custom user section, we can create a solution for you.

One of the beauties of the internet is that it never closes. With a custom eCommerce solution, you can process orders 24 hours a day with a fraction of the overhead of a traditional brick and mortar store. Make the most of your sales with PayPal integration and avoid the high price of credit card processing with a traditional merchant account. You also do not need a Secure Socket Layer which will save you additional hosting costs.

Copywriting and editing

There is a saying that has been around in web design since the beginning of the internet, “content is king”, and it still holds true today. If you don't have textual content, you won't be found in the search engines results. Good content will draw visitors to your page, inspire them to share your website and keep them coming back. We've all done it, found a site that we really like and felt that we had to share it with our friends. With social networking sites like Facebook and Pinterest, social sharing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. Having great content is the key to being found and shared.

We offer content writing and editing services. Not a writer? We've got you covered, we write content specifically for websites. Writing web content is different from writing a novel, you have to be succinct and pay attention to inclusion of the key words that you are competing for in the search engine results pages.

Want to write your own content? We also offer editing services to make sure that your content is professional.


Already have a site that needs some updates or fresh content? We provide webmaster services to keep your site performing well, make regular backups and make changes or add fresh content. Don't fall behind the competition by letting your web site go stale or become outdated. Stay on top of technology with the latest updates, consistent backups and fresh content.

Complete site development

Don't have a site yet? Not even sure what you want? We can help with that. We develop a relationship with our clients to be able to determine their needs and come up with a design that gets their message across.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting noticed on the web doesn't happen by chance, it takes hard work and a good understanding of how the search engines find and index websites.

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Jake Prints

A unique publishing company that adapts to the needs of the particular author or book to help them find the perfect solution.

Jake Prints

We developed a clean design with warm, earthy colors that has the look and feel of a traditional printing company. Then, we made the site accessible to users with disabilities to reach a larger audience.

Danny Ditommaso

This local ceramic tile installer needed to establish a web presence to compete with larger companies.

Danny Ditommaso

We designed a site that has the look and feel of a tile showroom. Then, we added some jQuery gallery effects to showcase his impressive portfolio pictures.

Kwagala Project

Helps vulnerable women and children by giving them hope for the future and helping to restore their self-esteem.

kwagala Project

We worked with other talented people who designed the graphics and wrote the content. We used jQuery to make the slideshow and videos come to life. Then, we used the power of PHP to import snippets of the blog into the pages of the site.


A web application that allows you to sell digital goods directly from your website using your PayPal account.


We developed a solution for website owners who want to sell downloads without having to pay additional fees to third-party distributors. Then, we made an install script with easy to follow tutorials on how to set it up.

Horror Homework

The best source of entertainment and reviews for fans of the horror genre.

Horror Homework

We developed a site with the look and feel of horror. The main page imports the latest blog posts according to specific categories. We even developed a social networking area where fans can post pictures and have discussions.

DBK Rentals

This site is a showcase of vacation properties that is maintained by the site owner.

DBK Rentals

We used the power of PHP to develop a custom content management system that would allow the site owner to easily add and update the property listings. The content is stored in a database and displayed on each page using PHP.

Dan Rodgers

This company offers custom kitchen and bath remodeling in the Tampa Bay area.

Dan Rodgers

We designed a site that has the look and feel of the Florida beaches. Then, we added jQuery effects to showcase the photos and a custom content management system to allow the site owner to upload his own photos complete with captions.

Admissions Consulting

A site that offers admissions consutling services for law school applicants.

Law school admissions consulting

We developed a clean and professional design with a focus on search engine optimization. Then, we added a custom download management system which allows the site owner to upload eBooks and sell them directly from the website or blog.

Wordpress Blog

Award winning relationship blog that showcases middle-aged single life from both sides of the gender perspective.

life, love and online dating

We developed a gender-neutral look and feel to appeal to a larger audience. Then, we used the power of PHP to develop interactive quizzes to engage the audience and promote sharing on social networking sites like Facebook.

Royal Car Wash

Under development

A local car wash in Bradenton, FL with some unique plans to inspire customer loyalty with special discounts.

Dan Rodgers

We developed a site with the traditional car wash look and feel. Then, we added an online store to sell car wash related items and allow customers to sign up for and renew customer savings cards online.