Abston Hardwood and Laminate Flooring Installation

This site was created for a Hardwood and Laminate flooring installer in the Tampa Bay, FL area.

Abston flooring offers professional Hardwood, Laminate and Engineered flooring installation in Tampa, St.Petersburg, Clearwater, Bradenton and Sarasota.

The website was designed to mimic the natural beauty of Hardwood flooring with the warm colors and wood grain background image.

Gulf Coast Rhythm and Rib Fest

Each year, over 20,000 people attend a party with a purpose to enjoy great music and food at the Manatee County Fairgrounds.

The event benefits United Community Centers, Inc. who provide educational, social and recreational programs to over 1,500 low income, and at-risk youth throughout Manatee County, Florida.

We designed this site to be informative and easy to navigate with a focus on social engagement.

Little Indians Chapter of POCI

I believe that websites should be easy to use and not have to come with an instruction manual.

Visitors to a website should be able to easily find the information they are looking for.

Membership websites, like the one for this car club, should be easy to join.

We've created a very powerful website that is simple to use for both the admins and the members.

Ringling Pizza and Grill

This pizza restaurant in beautiful downtown Sarasota understands the importance of being listed online. Not only did we create a website for them but we also got them listed on every search engine and social restaurant site we could think of.

We placed the most important information (phone number and address) at the top of every page and added a map so visitors would know exactly how to get there.

The menu page is all text which allows the search engines to pick up on all the keywords and it makes it easy to read on all devices.

We matched the design of the site to the building and menu to help this restaurant establish a strong brand. Then we got them listed on Foursquare, Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Facebook, Google and bing.

Pontiac Registry

When this auto hobby club site was getting eaten up with bank merchant service charges, we were able to develop a seamless solution to integrate their existing database of members into a new Pay Pal payment system. They were so satisfied, they turned over all site management and hosting to us, for even more savings. We are happy that our work has helped them save money and thus offer even more to their members.

“I just transferred some money from Pay Pal, and can't thank you enough for the work you did getting that all set up. It sure puts the money earned where it belongs instead of the bank fees. Plus the new hosting, I haven't had to write a $150.00 check for hosting again... and don't miss it. If my success you have created is any indication of your future successes, you will do great.” ~Larry

Digital goods delivery script

When a client asked us for a way to sell ebooks using PayPal, we were surprised to discover that we couldn't find a solution that had already been made. There were several shopping cart scripts available that could handle virtual products but they were bulky and difficult to use because they were designed for tangible products.

We decided to start from scratch and came up with a simple to use script for paid downloads. Then, we decided to make it available to the average user by adding an install script and creating a website for the product.

If you are looking for an easy solution to sell digital downloads on your website, you may want to look into SellDigitall. You can even try it out from a customers standpoint because we use SellDigitall to sell SellDigitall.

Jake Prints Publishing

Jake Prints is a small and unique publishing company that adapts to the needs of the particular book or author.

We built this site with the look and feel of traditional print media and incorporated a custom logo to build strong branding.

Accessibility was a concern because eBooks are popular with users who have visual disabilities. So, we made the site accessible to screen readers (browsers that read the text on a website).

Kwagala Project

Kristen Hendricks asked us to do the coding for the Kwagala Project website and we were thrilled to be a part of a team of such talented and creative people. We had been a fan of her charitable organization, Purse of Hope, on Facebook so we were already familiar with the wonderful work she does.

“After working with two inefficient programmers who exceeded our site's launch date by six months with nothing to show for it, my friend, who works with dozens of techies everyday, recommended Michael. Though her judgement is golden I still prepared myself for battle. I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. Not only are his programming skills outstanding so was the whole back-and-forth tweaking process - i.e. customer service. It was actually enjoyable! Anyone whose ever had a site built from the ground up knows how uncommon of a statement that is. I recommend Michael to anyone looking for a quality product and quality timely service. Bottom line: he's a great guy that does a great job!” ~Kristen Hendricks

Using the design we had been given, we developed the HTML to bring the site to life on the web. Then, we added jQuery effects to build a slideshow and display the videos in an overlay

Snippets of the blog posts are shown on the pages of the website using PHP with links to the actual posts in the blog. When a new blog post is added, the site is updated automatically.

Danny DiTommaso tile

Businesses are no longer being found in the phone book, they are being found on the internet. It's important to establish a web presence and represent your company with a great website.

We built this site with the look and feel of a tile showroom and added jQuery effects to showcase the craftmanship in the images of Danny's work.

While the site is very visual and built around the pictures we were given, it is also search engine friendly. Each image has a descriptive name and a text-based alt tag to be found by the major search engines.

Horror Homework

The number one source of entertainment and reviews for fans of the horror genre.

This site was designed with a traditional horror theme. The main page imports the synopsis of the Wordpress blog posts using php.

We developed a social networking area where users can create a profile, post pictures and have discussions. The site has many fun features that encourage users to come back and interact with other members.

Dan Rodgers custom interiors

Dan offers custom kitchen and bath remodeling in the Tampa Bay area and wanted to establish a web presence with a website.

We designed this site with the look and feel of the Florida beaches.

Then, we added jQuery effects to showcase the images of Dan's work and created a custom CMS to allow him ot upload photos and give them a caption. The uploaded photos are automatically added to the gallery on the website using php and a MySQL database.

Law School Admissions Consulting

For this stite we stuck with a simple and professional looking design, focusing on Search Engine Optimization.

We built a custom administrative feature that allows the owner to upload eBooks and generate the PayPal button code that is used to sell the eBooks on the blog or website.

Delivery of the eBooks is handled by a php script that generates a single-use download link and the sale is recorded in a database.

Royal Car Wash

This site is a work in progress for a local car wash in Bradenton, FL.

We created a custom online store for the owner to sell car wash supplies and discount cards that offer discounts for regular customers.

We designed the site with traditional car wash colors and embedded a map for users to easily find the location complete with directions on how to get there.

Life, Love and online dating

We created a gender-neutral color theme and graphics for this award winning relationship blog.

Then, we added some interactive quizzes and polls using php to engage the readers and provide some fun and informative feedback about being single.

Take a look at this online quiz to find out if you are ready to date.

DBK Vacation Rentals

We designed this site with the warm and inviting appeal of a tropical beach.

Then, we developed a custom content management system that allows the site owners to add and edit information and pictures for the vacation properties that they offer as rentals.

All the information is stored in a MySQL database and is displayed in the appropriate page on the site. The site is updated by the owners with the easy to use administrative section.