Web solutions

Your customers aren't looking for you in the phone book or classified ads anymore--they're looking online. A credible, eye-catching web presence is essential to promoting your business. Whether you know exactly what you want and simply need a professional to execute your plans or you're starting from scratch with no idea how to bring your company to life online, we can help.

We can work with you to develop both the look and feel of your website and the functionality that allows visitors to interact with your website, provide information to you and purchase your goods or services.

Client Testimonials

After working with two inefficient programmers who exceeded our site's launch date by six months with nothing to show for it, my friend, who works with dozens of techies everyday, recommended Michael. Though her judgement is golden I still prepared myself for battle. I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. Not only are his programming skills outstanding so was the whole back-and-forth tweaking process - i.e. customer service. It was actually enjoyable! Anyone whose ever had a site built from the ground up knows how uncommon of a statement that is.

I recommend Michael to anyone looking for a quality product and quality timely service. Bottom line: he's a great guy that does a great job!” ~Kristen Hendricks

Like many small business owners, I know what I wish my website could do for me, but have no idea how to make that happen or whether it’s even possible. In developing multiple sites for me, Mike Gifford has managed to translate my descriptions into a design that looked just like the one in my head and provide solutions for all of my practical needs, including an online sales platform. He’s fast, reliable, proactive and very easy for a non-technical person like myself to work with.” ~Tiffany Sanders